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Technics SP-15 Direct Drive Variable Pitch Turntable
Technics SP10-MK2A Direct Drive Turntable
Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine
Hagerman Phono Preamp
Roland Burgan Phono Preamp (2)
SME 3012 Tone Arms (2)
Grace 16 inch capable tone Arm
CEDAR Duo Declickle
CEDAR Auto Dehiss
RME Hammerfall DSP 9632 Sound Card
WaveTerminal 192-X Sound Card (3)
Shure Super Track V-15 phono cartridge
Stanton 500 Phono Cartridge Family (Several)
Custom Styli for 500 cartridges (Various)
Behringer Eurodesk MX-3282A Mixing Console
Mackie SR24-4 VLZ Pro Mixing Console
Teac X-2000 Tape Recorder
Teac A-330S Tape Recorder
Revox A-77 Tape Recorder
Crown CX-800 Tape Recorder
JVC TD-V541 Cassette Recorder
RME AD1-2 AD-DA Interface
Windows XP &7 Computers with Intel Quad Processor



We have the experience and equipment to play phonograph records and electrical transcriptions up to 16 inches in diameter and with virtually any groove width from stereo to 4 mils and beyond.  We have experience with vinyl, lacquer (aluminum, steel and glass substrates), shellac, aluminum discs and home recordings with cardboard substrates.  Our turntables can play 78, 45, 33 1/3, and 16 2/3 with pitch control to compensate for off speed recordings.  We maintain a stock of specially cut styli with both conical and elliptical tips.

With the exception of very early recordings, most records require equalization in order for them to sound right.  We have both hardware preamplifiers with variable rollover and turnover and software programs that can apply the necessary equalization.

Our reel-to-reel tape recorders can handle any size diameter reel up to 10 1/2 inches and track configurations of full track mono, half track mono, half track stereo and quarter track stereo.  We are limited to quarter inch width tape.  We can play mono and stereo audio cassettes including both Dolby B & C noise reduction.

Using a CEDAR Duo Declickle hardware unit along with various software plug-ins we are able to remove both impulsive noise (pops and clicks) and broadband noise (surface noise on records/hiss on tapes and cassettes).  In addition we can manually remove other noises such as coughing, doors slamming, coffee cups crashing to the floor, etc.

For those who want additional enhancements, we have plug-ins for equalizing, dessing, compression, expansion and other effects including the creation of a pseudo stereo sound from a mono source.

We can then burn the restored sound to an audio CD or a data CD with mpg-3 or WMA files or provide you with a data disc of the WAV files that you can then use in your own applications.  If desired, we can provide you with a DVD containing both the original unprocessed files and the processed files along with the cpd file that is used to create audio CD's in Sony's CD Architect.

In addition we can provide a label listing the contents of the restored material.  If desired, we can also create a front and back insert to be used in a hard plastic CD case.  While we can duplicate small runs of the finished product, we are not set up to provide larger orders of several dozen or more copies.  However, there are many third party companies that provide such duplication services.

For those who are working on a tight budget, we can provide an economy service in which the sound is "partially" restored.  We will run your record/tape/cassette through the CEDAR Duo Declickle and our various software plug-ins but not manually remove any remaining disturbances that might slip through the impulse and broadband filters.  In the case of LP's or tapes that are in excellent condition, that is often sufficient to provide a high quality sound.



Technics SP10 -MKII Direct Drive Turntable
Adobe Audition 3.0

Adobe Audtion CS6
BX Stereomaker

BX Subsynth
Sony Sound Forge 9.0
Izotope RX-5 Audio Editor

Izotope RX-6 Audio Editor
Spectralayers Pro 3
Sony Noise Click & Crackle Removal
Sony Noise Reduction
Sony Clipped Peak Restoration
Sony Wave Hammer
Sony Multi-Band Dynamics
Sony Track EQ
T.C. Electronics Dethump
T.C. Electronics Descratch
T.C. Electronics Declick
T.C. Electronics Decrackle
T.C. Electronics DeNoise
Algorithmix Scratch Free
Algorithmix Noise Free
Bias Sound Pro
PSP Neon Linear Phase EQ
PSP Master Q EQ
PSP MixPressor
PSP MixSaturator
PSP MixTreble
PSP MixBass
PSP PseudoStereo
PSP StereoEnhancer
PSP StereoController
PSP Stereo Analyzer
T.C. Electronics Chorus/Delay
T.C. Electronics Voice Strip
T.C. Electronics Dynamic EQ
T.C. Electronics 24/7 Limiting Amplifier
WaveArts TrackPlug5

Waves PS 22 Pseudo Stereo

Waves Z-Noise