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Phonograph records brought glorious music and spoken word into our homes for nearly 100 years.  Unfortunately they also brought pops, clicks and surface noise.  Beginning in the 1950's, reel-to-reel tape eliminated the pops, clicks and surface noise but added its own distraction in the form of tape hiss.  In the 1960's audio cassettes greatly simplified the process but the tape hiss continued.

Compact Discs finally brought an era of pristine listening with no pops, clicks, surface noise or tape hiss.  Unfortunately hundreds of thousands of wonderful recordings are locked in vintage recording formats with built-in noise.  We can remove the noise from your recordings so that you can hear the music and messages with a new clarity and purity that rivals CD quality.

Using hardware and software specially designed to remove the pops, clicks, surface noise and tape hiss we can restore your sound to a degree that you have to hear to believe.  We invite you to click on the samples that we have included on this page and hear for yourself the difference between the original and restored recordings.

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Read G. Burgan               

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Bing Crosby OriginalBing Crosby ProcessedJoanne Wheatley OriginalJoanne Wheatley Restored

Joanne Wheatley StereoCharles Fuller OriginalCharles Fuller Restored